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Marriage Annulment in West Virginia

Do you want to void your marriage?

When looking to get an annulment of your marriage, it is important to look into the grounds for annulment in your state as well as the process. In West Virginia there are several reasons that can make you eligible for annulment, including:

  • Undissolved prior marriage
  • Marriage of an underage party without parental consent
  • Spouse was previously a prostitute
  • You and your spouse are blood relatives
  • The other party is deemed an insane person
  • A party has a venereal disease
  • Impotency
  • Husband was an licentious person and the wife was unaware
  • Wife was with child from another man
  • There was fraud or misrepresentation involved in the marriage

These are not the only grounds with which you can pursue an annulment of marriage so contact our West Virginia divorce lawyers if you are unsure about whether or not your situation is a legitimate reason to get an annulment in this state. There are instances where your marriage can be annulled for religious reasons and in that case it is also important to meet with your minister, priest, or rabbi and inform them of the situation in case they may be helpful in the process later on.

West Virginia Annulment Process

The process of going through an annulment can be complex due to the forms and legalities involved.

The main 4 steps can be broken down as follows:

  1. Filling out court forms: There are various types of forms depending on the reason for the annulment. You also have to file with your local court and contact the court to determine exactly which forms need to you need in your unique annulment case.
  2. File your forms with the court clerk: There are filing fees when you take them to the court clerk to officially put in the request for an annulment.
  3. Serving papers to the other party: The other party must be served annulment papers but not by you. The court can send the documents, you can mail them, or a third party can personally serve them to the other party.
  4. Hearing: You have to set up a court hearing and you should also hire a lawyer to help you prepare your facts and build a strong case for you in court.

There are several different rules and guidelines when it comes to completing a successful annulment in West Virginia. In order to make the process easier and have experience on your side, contact a West Virginia annulment lawyer to help with your case.

At the court hearing, the court can alter or change any parts of the annulment order. These revisions are most commonly concerning areas such as:

  • Continuing the support or the other spouse
  • Matters of property between the two parties
  • Responsibility of children between the two parties
  • Supporting the children belonging to the other party

The court will investigate the marriage thoroughly so it is crucial to have your facts and case all put together in court. In order to better your chances for a successful annulment with the outcome that you want, seek assistance from a legal representative who is familiar with these types of cases and is able to walk you through each step of the annulment process.

How Our Qualified West Virginia Family Lawyer Can Help

Annulments can be sensitive cases for both parties involved and matters such as these require to knowledge of an experienced attorney due to the extensive measures that need to be taken. The divorce lawyers from Klie Law Offices have handled all types of divorce and annulment cases and they are familiar with the complex process that comes with this type of case. Call our firm today to set up a free case evaluation for your annulment case.

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